“Men Who Think Their Failures Are Tied To Sex They Had With A Particular Woman Need To Stop That B*llshit” – Don Jazzy Sparks

Don Jazzy has given an opinion on what truly is a fact to many and superstitious belief to some people in the Nigerian religious world.

There are many people who in this part of the world believe that sex is a spiritual encounter and decides the fate/future of many who have it. They believe it shapes how the life of a man is. Whether he gets fortunate or unfortunate, they believe sex plays a huge role in this. That’s why some men believe they fail in life as a result of sleeping with a particular woman who has “bad-luck” in her.”
Mavin boss, Don Jazzy has however taken to his Twitter page to play down such notion. He said it is high time such beliefs stopped being aided and instead of believing what is non-existent, men that are vicitm of failure should take their time to analyse their journey in life. He said they should search through their hearts to see if they have done the right things to make them succeed in life before blaming sex with a particular woman for their life failures. He called them “thought-challenged” men.
He wrote; “Men who are thought-challenged are always quick to attach their successes and failures to one woman they had sex with, without checking if they have/haven’t done everything they should, carefully and diligently in their works. That BS should stop.”

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