Empire Season 6 Episode 1 – “What Is Love”


Season: 6
Episode 1
Episode Title: What Is Love
Air Date: 24 September 2019
Episode 1 opens with Lucious being shot by an unknown gunman. Something we never saw at the end of Season 5.
 gets back on the Empire management after receiving a heart from his late half brother, Kingsley.
Apparently,  is on the run as the  continues to trail his disappearance. While underground, he’s caught in a frenzy with his new female vocalist.
 ventures out to build on her own career. “This is Cookie’s time”, she says. The Empire Queen is taking her talk show to another level and she feels it’s enough with the running the music thing.
An acquaintance of Andre Lyon while he was prison shows up at Empire with some demands that put him a bit under duress. Andre got hit by another surprise when Tessy, Kingsley’s mother walks into Empire after Cookie gave her some shares of the company in compensation for her son’s.
One of the high points of the episode was unraveling the girl Lucious has been screwing with, who happens to be Danny Cross’s daughter. Andre Lyon commits another inevitable murder.

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