Banky W To Retire From Music After Dropping Album In 2020

Veteran Nigerian singer, Banky W has revealed his plans to retire officially from music after dropping an album.

It was revealed when a concerned fan took to his Twitter page to plead with the singer to drop at least one song a year as he has missed his music so much  Who else misses @BankyW the singer? I love @BankyW the actor, the politician, the activist but please sir still give us music. If you don’t want to do again, for goodness sake can you just make even if its one song a year, just one
Banky responded saying he was doing to do at one more album in 2020 before completely leaving the music scene.  Okay.. I’m gonna do at least one more album, in 2020. Not sure if there are too many ppl who feel the same as you do, but thanks for this. I appreciate it.
See the tweet:

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