Kenyan woman speaks about her experience and her observation of Igbo women

A Kenyan Twitter user who visited Nigeria recently, has tweeted about her experience. Gesare Chife said she visited Eastern Nigeria for the first time and what struck her was the land left uncultivated, which is something unusual in Kenya.

She tweeted: “First time I visited Eastern Nigeria I was struck by these thoughts – There was so much land uncultivated – coming from Kenya where every inch of arable land is cultivated. My village people would weep to see so much fertile land uncultivated.

“The rainfall is soooo heavy the rain falls like the heavens have opened. It’s really incredible.”

Speaking of her impression of Igbo women, she wrote: “Igbo women are such a force of nature, very strong and powerful. 

Women in the east really do run the show. The family matriarchs are a real thing.

“The Igbo culture is so rich – we all grew up on Things Fall Apart it was beautiful to experience things like seeing yam and kola nut, masquerades etc for the first time . I absolutely love it.”

She continued: “The love and acceptance I experienced from Igbo people and Nigerians in general was touching. Everyone referring to you as our wife is a sign of acceptance and openness.”

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