Mercy and Ike unfollow each other on Instagram

It seems all is not well in the camp of reality TV stars Mercy and Ike. The duo unfollowed themselves and it remains unclear what transpired.

Recall that Mercy and Ike started their relationship while they were still in the Pepper Dem house as the former went on to win the competition.

 This is coming after Ike attended the birthday party of Tacha some days back. Ike afterwards posted a picture of himself and Mercy’s arch-rival, Tacha at Owerri for her Ciroc tour.  According to some social media users, this was the source of the problem.
 See what some fans are saying after they unfollowed each other;

i brekede for MercyEke🛡🛡🛡: Mercy n Ike unfollowed eachother today n Ike knows dat posting his pix with tacha will upset many yet he went ahead to post it…isit right? He should have left d pix there without deleting it sometimes we just have to be sensitive of other pples feelings
First Born: Ike,s attitude will pursue Mercy to the man that is meant for her, Mercy is too good for Ike, Ike need the type of Tacha conja conja.
@msugarbaby1: I had a feeling Ike and Mercy would have issues when Ike went to Tacha’s birthday & when Mercy played that music in the background . I just knew .

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