Ruggedman reacts to alleged assassination attempt of Angela Okorie

Nigerian rapper Ruggedman has taken to his Instagram account to react to the alleged assassination attempt of actress Angela Okorie.
Recall that Angela Okorie revealed that 10 bullets were removed from her head after she was shot. Not long after she posted this, some Nigerians mocked that actress and wondered how she did not die.
Reacting to this, Ruggedman wondered why some Nigerians act like they know it all.
“I too know wee not kee some Nigerians.
“@realangelaokorie meant to say pellets were removed from her head, not bullets.
“Wasn’t that easy enough for you to deduce?
“Instead of you to join her in thanking God for life and tap from the glory, una begin run mouth… My dear @realangelaokorie you will see the end of 2019 and many more years in Jesus name.”

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