Simi drags Twitter influencer for saying she desires to be a Marlian

A mild drama played out on Twitter on Thursday night, December 27, 2019. It was between singer Simi and a Twitter influencer known as Mazi Ibe.

 Mazi had tweeted: “Simi and EFCC. The greatest influencers of the year 2019. They gave us Marley”.

He also retweeted a tweet that reads: “Deep down simi’s heart she for wan turn marlian but let me not talk.”

This didn’t sit well with Simi who tweeted at Mazi, writing:

“And I dare you, @i_pissvodka, to never talk about me again. Unless u’re obsessed or I’m really bringing you that influencer money. Because I’m just a little girl minding my own. Or next time you see me outside, come to me and speak ur mind…”
She added:  

“Let’s talk woman to child – instead of you sneaking, taking pictures of me, looking for laughs on social media. Big boy, you gawky internet bully, twitter warrior, I dare you to dislike me enough to pretend I don’t exist. So ti gbo.”

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