Peruzzi shares proof that his ex-boss, King Patrick was ‘there when Davido signed him’ (Photos)

As the controversy between Peruzzi of DMW and Mr Patrick his former boss and CEO of Golden boy entertainment continues, Peruzzi has finally decided to respond to the spurious allegations and charges that has been made against him.

Read his statement below:

“Surviving A Lunatic �
They won’t tell you they were present & aware of the “audio signing”

Someone told you I left him for David When he was the one that bought my flight ticket to Dubai. And you think he’s okay. Okay
What was the ticket for? Honeymoon?

Spent two years making you understand that I don’t need your money. Come closer, nobody is fighting you. I’m just tryna grow & don’t wanna leave you behind Cos “no time”!
You agree today and it’s all good. Tomorrow you go crazy again.

“ I know I am bi-polar” you always said.

You spent 48 Million on the guy you signed before me. That was a failure. You no drag am. Why?
Offered to send you your money, you said you wanted to collect the money before you sign the agreement. Who does that? So that you’d turn Richard Branson and start telling stories?

Countless times I told you “Guy your relationship with David can help your baby record label, you got plans to sign other people after me so just have a strong relationship with these guys. They’re not fighting you”. You never listened.

Let’s not talk about the drugs. You don’t want that.

He knows all I wanna do is write and sing and chop this life. I am a music machine, I understand life from a different point. I write a story doesn’t mean it’s mine to tell. I don’t even give a Bleep who tells it! I already set my soul free by writing the story. It’s not that deep.

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