Trouble in paradise, As Diane’s manager accuses her of closing deals behind her back!

Socialites! It’s no news that big brother Naija Star Diane Russet and her manager Nike has been having issues for over a month now, as report states that both parties has called it quits.

The genesis of the story started after Diane’s manager Nike, was accused of being a pimp to Diane. After the rumor broke out, Diane’s fans has been trolling and dragging Nike who is Diane manager.

Seem like Nike who is now Diane’s Ex manager couldn’t take the heat anymore as she has started dragging and shading Diane and her fans back! 

Today, Nike through her official social media page has revealed that Diane goes behind her back to close off deals, which was brought by the management. 

She also revealed that Diane’s closest friends are druggies. Angry Nike has stated that the table she has been serving would soon be shattered!
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