#BBNaija Day 18: The first wager win, Kidd vs Erica, Ozo vs Nengi, how would Biggie handle a pregnancy case in the house? and lots more…

#BBNaija Day 18 was super exciting as the lockdown housemates won their first wager. Here are today’s highlights – Kidd vs Erica, Ozo vs Nengi, how would Biggie handle a pregnancy case in the house? and lots more…

Day 18: The first Wager Task win
The third time is really the charm as the Lockdown Geng secure their first Wager Task win on their third try.

The Lockdown Housemates have won their first Wager Task of the Season after back to back loss. The Housemates secured the win after hitching a ride on the DeLorean time machine and taking a trip back in time to deliver the performance of their lives. 

The 80s romantic musical was the theme of their much-anticipated Wager Task performance and it was a sight to behold.

Third time is the charm
After losing their first two Wager Tasks, Mother Luck smiled on the Lockdown Housemates and gave them their much-deserved win. After failing the Circus Task, the Housemates had their weekly allowance slashed and making food purchase over the weekend was a traumatic experience as they could only purchase little and thereby having their food ration grossly reduced. This win means they get to go all out this weekend and have a ball buying as much as they want with a doubled allowance.

Get a load of these outfits.
In line with the 80’s theme, the Housemates came out decked in the most fashionable retro attires to give off that ‘Old school’ vibe. From their wigs to their boot cut pants, the Housemates kept it real groovy.

The performance
The performance opened with a rendition of Fela Kuti’s popular hit ‘Open and Close’ with Neo taking the lead and introducing us to the romantic musical. A romantic play that focused on the complexities of love was infused with some of the 80’s romantic hits with a blend of popular hits from the present day. Neo played the protagonist while Erica was his love interest. Tochi and Dorathy played Erica’s parents reluctant to let Neo pursue a relationship with their daughter. They favoured another which Erica vehemently rejected. The play was filled with twist and turns and finally reinforcing the statement that ‘Love Wins’.

Biggie’s take
It was music to their ears when Biggie announced that he was pleased with the performance. He was particularly pleased with Prince who he felt deserved an award and also Erica who delivered a stellar performance. Biggie believed the Housemates interpreted the play well, but winning isn’t always the main goal but how well the Housemates conduct themselves in the House.

The deviant ones
Biggie wasn’t too pleased with Tolanibaj, Vee and Tochi who he accused of having developed the habit of speaking in their native languages thereby infringing on the House rules. “Anytime you speak any other language apart from English or Pidgin, you must interpret it immediately. Failure to do so is an infringement on the House rules,” he said. Although he said it was a thing of pride to represent one’s ethnicity, he reminded them that they do not all share the same ethnic background. Kaisha and Brighto were not left out of the reproach. Both Housemates once overslept and missed out on the workout session and ended up incurring fines.

The win
The Housemates had their previous BBNaira balance of 1,090 BB Naira doubled to 2,180 BB Naira giving them more earning power to shop till they drop this weekend. This is their first major win and hopefully, this would herald more victories for the Housemates.

Day 18: The truth is in the diary
The Housemates always let the juice out in the diary room, last week we lost 2 Housemates, has this changed the mood?
Last Sunday we said goodbye to two Housemates, Ka3na and Lilo and this left some of the Housemates questioning whether they had gotten too comfortable in the House and forgotten that this is a Game. Today, when Biggie checked in, we had the expected tears and tea spilling about the issues we have all seen. Biggie had a very important question, however: How have the House dynamics changed in the House since the Eviction?

Many Housemates report that the dynamics are better now, probably referring to the lack of dramatics that Ka3na provided, a bit unfair however considering that there has been serious drama between Vee, Tolanibaj and Wathoni all week. Moving on.
Housemates miss Lilo, but Eric is finally coming out of his shell
Many Housemates alluded to the fact that they miss Lilo and her energy and calm. In particular, Tochi and Vee made mention that her nature is missing from the house. On the up-side, Housemates can feel that Eric is coming out of his shell and interacting with more people now. Again, Vee made reference to Eric’s personality shining through and how he is such a great. person. We will wait to see how people vote and see how you agree at home.

Ozo is a great HoH

The Housemates have unanimously agreed that Ozo is a successful Head of House. Neo spoke at length about how upbeat the energy in the House is under the supervision of Ozo and Dora. For all her tears, even Lucy brightened up when she spoke about Ozo and Dora. She says she was happy that Ozo chose Dora as Deputy Head of House and even attributes her own actions as HoH as setting a high benchmark for the pair to achieve. Brighto and Dora made mention to how Ozo raised his voice with Prince which shocked everyone, and they both respect him for apologizing to Prince.

A few Housemates are fighting

So. How exactly has the dynamic changed? Neo spoke passionately about withdrawal in his groups during Team activities this week. He mentions Wathoni by name, saying that she has become withdrawn due to the fact that there were members (who he does not mention by name) in the group who she has not been getting along with. In the same vein, Vee made reference to the fight about the bed, blaming the whole controversy on Wathoni for not understanding. Interestingly enough, Tolanibaj did not mention the bed incident, but she did mention that she does not understand Wathoni who blows hot and cold. This diary session was quite out of character for Tolanibaj who tells Big Brother everything, is she holding back? Trikytee also mentioned the fighting and told Biggie that it is making the vibe in the House a bit weird, thanking god that today was peaceful at least.

There are no new alliances in the House
During diary sessions in #BBNaija Day 18, Many of the Housemates say they do not see any new alliances in the House. Though the Housemates are feeling the heat of the evictions, they do not seem to have any new alliances, but rather that the old alliances are getting weaker according to Vee.

Love triangles and squares
So many of the girls made mention to the love dynamic in the House which makes things awkward and difficult for the Housemates. Vee mentioned the love square above, Tolanibaj did not mention herself in that. Lucy also made mention to the lovers in the House saying that Housemates are now less lovey-dovey and getting their heads into the game, saying she did not come with a strategy, but those who did are having to reassess their strategies.

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