[Album] Job Attah - Deeper Experience


Many years ago Job Attah was in the place of personal fellowship with the holy spirit and the lord gave me this 6 songs and he instructed me to wait until he tells me to release the 6 songs.

So early this year, the lord told me to release the songs out , this are not just songs, they all represent the current information, mind, plans , directions, of God upon the earth.

They contains the heart cry of God towards the earth, God is about to show the earth the Lion and lamb side of him that the world universe have not witness, heaven is about to send a divine help(assistance) to ensure that men and women will begin to fulfill their destiny in a grand style.

His divine help that will fall upon the earth will make men and women to begin to stand firm in this end time (end of days), the prophesies of the saints, everyone, including the church that is hanging on the air by the prince of this world(principalities) will begin to fall upon, come to pass as men and women begins to cry out and pray and hail(praise) God in this season, its a season when God has vow to hold the hands of his people so that they won't fall into errors, snares, manipulations of the enemy.

Gods plans for mankind will begin to come to pass, God has vows to do all this great works so therefore when God has made a vow and covenant no one can interrupt him.


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1. Deeper Experience - Destiny

2. Deeper Experience - We Go Hail Him

3. Deeper Experience - Prophecy

4. Deeper Experience - Let Your Plans

5. Deeper Experience - Holy Ghost

6. Deeper Experience - End Time

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